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Our Story

In 2008, DCD Transfers was purchased by Dennis Martin & Carolyn Beattie. From humble beginnings, they are extremely proud of how far they have come and how much the business has grown over the years. As contractors of various Funeral Service providers along the east coast of Australia, the staff and management of DCD Transfers are encouraged by the amount of support they receive almost daily.

Our Team

Dedicating to providing care, compassion & respect...

Dennis Martin

With a wealth of knowledge and Funeral Industry experience, Dennis has spent the last 19 years of his career dedicating his time and efforts to providing care in the transportation of deceased persons for various funeral service providers across Australia.

Carolyn Beattie

As well as being co-owner of DCD Transfer Service, Carolyn also manages the accounting and operations of the business. Carolyn finds solace in playing a huge role within the DCD Team as she ensures the profound care and sensitivity is progressed through all staff members.

Connor Martin

Care Staff
As the Son of Dennis, it is only fitting that Connor join the family business. Connor can be found assisting with transfers and the maintenance of all vehicles.

More About Us


24 Hours | 7 Day Care

As we provide around the clock response to all Funeral Service Providers, our team are readily available 7 days a week. We understand the importance of having swift response time following a death. Our team will always respond to a call within a fair and justified time frame. If you require a quicker-than-usual response time, please let our staff know when you call. 

Refrigerated Transport

As travel is the nature of our business, one thing we cannot control is the distance or length of the travel we take. Hence why DCD Vehicles are refrigerated to ensure proper and clean conditions are kept. It is important to keep the climate of a transfer vehicle at its absolute minimum; any sudden or prolonged increase in temperature could cause the deceased's condition to deteriorate considerably. Keeping our vehicles clean and sanitised are our number one concern for both our staff and the persons we care for. Eco-friendly sanitising equipment and chemicals can be found in all of our vehicles and utilised after each use.